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Since 1999 Frank Darier Baziere has been involved in Film Production, Executive Production, Direction and Editing in France Mexico and Canada for feature length narrative films, documentaries, short films documentary, corporate films, commercials and educational films.
His passion for creating media content and art guided him through 20 years of practice and experiences in the field of filmmaking.
Today he sees film Direction and Production as an extension of his creativity. 
The 7th art has an incredible power to infuse positive messages into people’s lives. 
From Quand Je Vois le Soleil in 1999 as a Producer, Mas Alla de la Luz as a Script Writer and Director in 2010, through to The Connected Universe in 2016 as a Cinematographer and the Vancouver School Board documentary Art for Reconciliation as a Director in 2019… these 20 years of involvement in the film industry has forged his personality and given Frank Darier Baziere the ability to connect, get inspired and work with passion in this beautiful art form.

One of his goals is to work with honesty and spread Happiness and Consciousness around the globe...

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